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Howto: View the JNDI Tree in JBoss January 22, 2008

Posted by Mayank in j2ee.
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With EJB3 around, it is sometimes difficult to figure out the default jndi names in your environment. Yesterday I got real desparate for one such requirement and was almost ready to sit down and write a jndi browser when I found out that …

goto http://localhost:8080/jmx-console

– click on “service=JNDIView” link under the “jboss” section

– click on the button under “java.lang.String list()” …

lo … behold… !! … ok thats how I felt :-)…




1. marx2k - April 8, 2008

Thanks! That was pretty useful.

2. Anand kumar - May 15, 2008

Hi, Is it possiable to make a application to view jndi as like in weblogic. If so please let me know I wnna do that application as a plug in to jboss

3. Mayank - May 15, 2008

not that i know of … you could try searching around for open source jndi browsing applications.

4. sarathbabu - June 3, 2008

It was useful thankzzzz

5. Mua Chuo - May 9, 2009

Hello Mayank,

Thanks for your very informative post on Howto: View the JNDI Tree in JBoss. I’m quite new to JBoss and J2EE and almost got grayed just b4 i saw your article.

After deploying my EAR project to JBoss 5.0.1 from Eclipse 3.4, i got a javax.naming.NameNotFoundException. I’ve actually been to JNDIView on the jmx-console. There i was able to locate an entry for my session bean. But i can’t find an entry for my entity bean. Do you have an idea why there’s no JNDI entry for my entity bean?

As a matter of fact, i’m able to establish and call methods from my session bean. But the methods in my session bean are supposed to call methods from my entity bean. Each time i try, all i get is this error. Since the EJB container hasn’t a reference to my entity, it can establish and call its methods.

If you have a clue, i’d really appreciate appreciate your help.



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